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I'm Gayatri.

gaa · yuh · tree 

Design is more than a profession; it's my purpose.

I bring ideas to life with creativity and passion.

I am an impact-driven UX Designer and Researcher based in Chicago IL, aspiring to create joyful experiences and efficient products for users.

I am currently pursuing my Master of Design degree at Institute of Design (IIT), with a focus on UX Design, Research and Strategy; graduating this May. 🤞🏼

My journey in design transitioned from Interior Architecture to Product Design, driven by a passion for crafting digital experiences for users.

This drive led me to pursue a second Master's degree in Chicago, building upon my prior Master's degree in Interior Architecture from London, UK.

Top Skills & Expertise

UX / UI Design

Product Design 

Design Research

Project Management

Visual Communication Design

Multidisciplinary Prototyping

Prototyping and Wireframing

3D Modeling

Design Philosophy 


I bake!

When I'm not designing, you will often find me baking! During the pandemic, I re-discovered my love for baking a variety of desserts and different kinds of breads. I also launched my own small business and catered to over 140 clients and finished 180 orders.

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I educate!

The pandemic also nudged me to dedicate my time in service to teaching children by volunteering at children's NGO, where I was inspired to contribute to the community. This is where I developed interest in problem-solving techniques that put real people at the centre of the development.

I'm a musician!

From the age of 9, I developed a profound affinity for music and took up the guitar and keyboard.  I had the privilege of performing with my college band on multiple occasions, and those experiences hold a special place in my heart, while I continue to hone my skills even today.

I create art!

Sketching is a regular pursuit for me, a channel through which I materialize my ideas and feelings on canvas. I utilize diverse mediums to bring my artistic creations to life, but my truest expression through mediums of ink and paper.

Let's connect!

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