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About ForeGlow

This is a pet project, and is a conceptual design that catered to students from an NGO where I volunteered.


Their localities often experience power outages that hinder their ability to read and finish their homework. To help them continue their studies and hobbies even without electricity, I developed a conceptual device that is both enjoyable to wear and functional. I also prioritized sustainability and renewable energy in the design to minimize its environmental impact.

Type : Product Design

Tools used : AutoCad, SketchUp, Adobe Photoshop

Ideation & Inspiration

While designing this reading light, I had a lightbulb moment (excuse the pun!) where it occurred to me how much children enjoy wearing a fun cap, and the idea of integrating a reading light into it seemed like an intriguing possibility.

This led me to first sketch out some ideas to determine the ergonomics, the technical aspects as well as the ease of use for these children.

I aimed to make it simple, sturdy and beautiful. I was also inclined on making it eco-friendly by making use of a solar powered charger that could use the sunlight that is abundantly available in their region in India.

Layer 2.png

My students that inspired ForeGlow.

Reading light re-imagined.



Sketching out the concept.


3D Mock-up

foreglow 2.png

Pivot to adjust the angle of the light flap


Adjustable headband

Portable solar charger


LED strip light diffused with acrylic strip


Augmented reality images.

other kid.png

I attempted to envision the appearance of the product while the children utilize it to complete their homework or engage in any other activities that can be done without access to electricity.

My long-term goal is to bring my pet project to fruition, and seeing it become a reality for the betterment of children that are dedicated to educate themselves and find joy in their activities. This product aims to not only be budget-friendly but also environmentally sustainable. 

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